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Amorgos the island of the big blue sea

Cyclades boat rent . Sail to Amorgos island chartering a bareboat or crewed boat and visit cyclades on a unique way AMORGOS is a mountainous island with spectacular cliffs. If you visit Chora take the time to visit the monastery of Panayia of the Presentation. The best way to go is either to take the bus. To see the monastery it is a fair climb but should not be missed. The islanders in the past had the reputation of being pirates. If you enjoy underwater fishing you should visit. The only problem you might run into is when the meltemi is blowing the weather conditions are severe. Katapola - The capital city, Chora lies on the hill above the harbor. It I a fairly sheltered harbor except during the meltemi as strong winds go through the bay. Fuel is not easily available but there is water to fill the boat. Also you can stock up on provisions Ormos Kolofana- This is a small bay near the southern tip. A nice place for a swim but with the meltemi there is quite a swell. Kalotiri- You should anchor in the NW side of the bay. Again with the meltemi you will encounter strong winds. Stay close to the north side rather than the south where the waters are shallow..