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Andros , the northernmost island of cyclades

Bareboat yacht rental Greece . Choose a boat from our fleet , and your skipper and enjoy the Greek islands through our base in Athens. No sailing experience is needed. Andros , a member of the Cyclades. It is 380,041 km2 and has about 10,009 inhabitants. The highest peak of Andros is 944 m (3097 ft). Andros is not a very touristic island but it is the home of several very rich shipowner families like the fabulously wealthy Goulandris; as a result it is very well kept without the usual tourist related hassles.The island was named after the Cretan general Andros, the grandson of Apollo. It has been inhabited since pre-historic times by Karians, Phoenicians, Egyptians, Cretans, Pelasgians, and Ionian Greeks. During the 7th century BC Andros was very prosperous. In Classical times Andros was a reluctant member of the Delian Leaque headed by Athens. During the 13th century AD it was taken from the Byzantines by the Frankish crusaders and then by the Ottomans in 1556 to be followed by the Russians in 1774. After the 1821 war of independence Andros became part of Modern Greece. More Nautical information