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Antiparos an ideal sceneray holiday island

Bareboat sailing cyclades . Choose a bareboat or ctrewed yacht from our base Athens and sail to Antipoaros iisland in Cyclades Antiparos is a small island south of Paros, separated by a narrow and shallow channel. It is a fairly popular vacation spot with the fashionable Athenian set. The main attraction of the island is its significant cave (open 10:45-15:00) complete with spectacular stalactites. Antiparos was know in the antiquity as Oliaros. Tradition has it that the cave was discovered in the 7th century BC by the poet-soldier Archilochos from Paros who carved his name on stalactite starting a long tradition of graffiti and defacing. The small harbor provides some protection from the meltemi but it is quite shallow (2-3 m). To the S, on the Antiparos Channel there are also several places where anchoring is possible. Any of these places are good for visiting the cave.

#FF1232 The Antiparos Channel is very shallow, in anything but calm weather it is better to approach these anchorages from the south..