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Folegandros Shining under the Aegean

Bareboat holidays Greek islands . Folegandros is a small barren rocky island with an area of surface area is about 32 km2 E of Milos and S of Serifos. The used to be one of the most isolated islands in Greece where political exiles were sent, as recently as during the Junta of the Colonels (1967-72). Also, its town Chora has some of the best examples of Cycladic architecture. Unfortunately, the island has been discovered and its 600 hundred inhabitants multiply many times over every summer with tourists, complete with bars, discos etc. Still, it does have wonderful architecture and one can take many nice walks in its stark terrain. Folegandros gets its name either from the son of King Minos of Crete or from the Phoenician word Phelekguduri meaning rock-built.More information