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Iraklia the tiny island

Boating holidays Greece . Choose your boat from our fleet and enjoy your sailing holidays in Cyclades. Iraklia or Heraklia is the westernmost of the group of small islands S of Naxos known as the Small Cyclades ( - Mikres Kyclades). It has a cave with stalactites but I have never seen it. There are a few remnants of early Cycladic settlements but they are hard to find. Until 15 years ago the island was one of the most remote places in Greece. It was serviced by a caique once a week bringing the mail. Even today it is not on the well beaten track. There are two villages on the island: Ayios Georgios the port and the more populated Panayia (about 200 inhabitants) in the middle of the island, about 1 hr uphill walk from the port. It is an attractive village with clean, humble, houses of Cycladic architecture. The easiest way to visit Panayia is to follow the paved road. On the way back you can take a short cut overland but if you do keep to the left at all& cross roads, to avoid getting lost