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Milos the ilsand with the gorgeous landscapes

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Milos or Melos is the southwesternmost island of the Cyclades and looks like a larger version of Thira. It too, is a volcano but extinct, which had a huge eruption that created a large natural harbor in the sunken caldera. The area of the island is 161 km2 with the summit of Profitis Ilias rising 883 m (2897 ft) above sea level. The volcanic nature of the island has endowed it with a very dramatic beauty many-fiord like beaches with strange rock formations and with many colors. Unfortunately, because of its mineral wealth, the island is heavily mined and a lot of its scenery has been raped by the miners.

Approach and Navigation

Caution: Approaching the Bay of Milos one must be aware of the rocks located at the eastern entrance of the bay. Also, there are rocks near Cape Bombarda.

Warning: With a strong meltemi there cane be large and confused seas between the Arcadia islets and the northernmost point of the island. Again, with a strong meltemi there can be very strong gusts near Cape Bombarda.