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Naxos the biggest and the greenest island

Sailing holidays Greek islands. Sail to Naxos with a bareboat or crewed yacht starting from our base in Athens or Myconos . Information form Naxos with an area of 448 km2 is the largest of the Cyclades. It is a beautiful fertile island with 17,000 inhabitants, many of them Catholic. Its tallest peak, Mt. Zas, at 1004 m (3294 ft) is the highest in the Cyclades. The island has many nice villages and interior valleys with slopes terraced and planted with olive trees, citrus trees, and vineyards. Its western side has many long sand beaches. Unfortunately for the sailor, the island does not have many good anchorages. Danger: About 1.25 nM SSW of the harbor, Port Naxos, there is a reef. This reef is just submerged and in rough conditions it is hard to see. Also when the meltemi blows there are strong gusts and a a swell at the harbor;s entrance. Naxos Marina The marina is fairly new, starting operation in 2002. The marina is operated by the local municipality and an attendant is occasionally on hand (2005) to help visitors moor. There are public sanitation facilities one block back from the waterfront. The marina is well protected and there are laid moorings at most (but not all) berths. Space is, however, very tight and it will not always be possible to find room in here during peak season. Water and electricity are available on the quay. Charges as of June 2011 Β¬ 7 per night, inclusive Water and Electricity. Marina is open, so tourists sometimes stroll along pontoons. Tourist party-scene on waterfront..