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The ‘hand-made’ Tinos

Tinos or Tenos belongs to the Cyclades group and is a mountainous island of 195 km2 with about 8,500 inhabitants. Its tallest peak, Tsiknias is 729 m (2392 ft). The island is famous for its many villages (64) and its distinctive Venetian dovecotes (800), little white towers inhabited by flocks of white pigeons. Tinos owes its real fame, however, to the miraculous icon of the Madonna discovered in 1822 and now housed in the magnificent church of Panagia Evangelistria in Tinos Town. The yearly pilgrimage of the faithful and afflicted on August 15 has made Tinos the Lourdes of Greece. The town’s main harbour has an inner basin where around 12 yachts can moor stern/bows-to using their anchors in good shelter from the prevailing northerly winds (albeit with gusts in the harbour). Shelter from southerlies has also been considerably improved with the recent construction of a detached breakwater protecting the harbour from this direction. Water and electricity are available on the quay.