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Cyclades a life time experience

We created the below interactive map , in our effort to provide the most possible sailing information . By clicking in a marker on the map get a short description of each place , a short you tube video (if available) and link leading to a with detailed information . When you are in Greece and during your sailing you can access the map from your mobile or tablet by typing . The map focus automatically in your sailing area , so you can check the most interest places close to your position . The map is open for editing and you can suggest any interest place you find during your sailing in Greece .

Love They called them the Cyclades of consolation. Twenty eight deserted or inhabited islands, all offspring's of the sea,Small children of the Aegean. Charter boat cyclades The islands are sunbathing peacefully. White has turned its lights on. I understand that it was left behind after some ancient festival. A miracle planned by a God you don't know. The light flows out into streams. The domes raise their peeks. The wind is quiet over the vaults. The windmills rest at this time. The sea without and end, limitless. Blue blasts fireworks in the depth of the sea. The houses shake hands. The wall mouth to mouth. Man and nature in agreement. Arches, castles, walls, dovecots, convents, churches. Each captain, each sailor, each boatswain builds a church. And a saint for each day to guard you from evil. 300 churches in Mykonos 200 in Tinos and in Naxos, And the cycladic clay becomes a vase, a jug, a water-pot, andA lecythus. I've become sea, rock, stone, wind, and a chapel The cupola with a small stained glass crossed itself I've become a small God