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Leros the goddess of forests and hunting

Hire yacht Greek islands. Choose your bareboat from our or you fully crewed boatt from our selected boats and sail in Leros from our base is Kos or Rhodes.

An island of contrasts, rocky hills, arid regions and steep cliffs alternate with fertile valleys, mountain creeks and vineyards. The  island's most beautiful bays are Goumas and Poito Lago, set so deep  inland it seems to cut the island in two. The capital is built   amphi-theatrically on  a hillside and is crowned by a Franco-Byzantine  fortress. Like Kalymnos, Leros is essentially the home of sponge  fisherman.
Places to moor
Ormos Lakki
Also known as Porto Lago the area was occupied by the Italians as they  had there naval base located here. There is a quay to moor on to but   beware on the South section of the quay there is a steel rod. It is not recommended to tie in Lakki when there are Southwest and west winds as  it becomes dangerous. Water and fuel are available as well as   provisioning. There are a number of tavernas for eating out.
Ormos Partheni  This bay is located on the North side of Leros. It offers good shelter  from the weather. You must anchor on the East side as the S and SW are  military areas and anchoring is prohibited as  well as photographs.
Ormos Plakouti  Located on NE coast of Leros it offers good shelter except from   Northeast and easterly winds. Be careful of the visible rocks in the   middle of the bay.
Xerocambo - A large bay located on the south side of Leros which offers good protection from the meltemi.
Ormos Alindas- This large bay is located on the east coast of Leros. There is a   Venetian castle on the hill top above. When there is the meltemi the bay can get fairly rough. There is a small mole but due to the bottom is   rock it makes for bad holding. Fuel and water are available and most provisioning can be found near by.
Panali - This bay offers good protection from the meltemi. You can anchor off  the beach in 4-8 meters depth. This is a nice bay for a swim
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