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Dodecanese the suniest corner in Greece

We created the below interactive map , in our effort to provide the most possible sailing information . By clicking in a marker on the map get a short description of each place , a short you tube video (if available) and link leading to a http://www.cruiserswiki.org with detailed information . When you are in Greece and during your sailing you can access the map from your mobile or tablet by typing www.fyly.gr . The map focus automatically in your sailing area , so you can check the most interest places close to your position . The map is open for editing and you can suggest any interest place you find during your sailing in Greece .

Dodecanese sailing holidays , Greek islands sailing A girl's beauty competes with the beauty of Sun's wife, Rhodes. Her harmony falls upon ancient memories. Shades of old stars next to her. Skeletons of temples. Byzantine churches overlook. Walls with loopholes and tall towers. Fountains with arabesque decorations.; Narrow streets and pebbly paths. A house joined by arches and bows as if they were praying. Sunless arcades. Distant echoes guide today's paces. Their noises are competing. A refreshing breeze comes from Ancient Greek Ionia, opposite.; Kalymnos, the sponge-diver's island. Tiled roofs and windows and doors in deep colours. Kos, the homeland of Hippocrates. The Asklepeion. Whitewashed houses. Ichthioessa Astipalaia. Terraces covered with flowers and balconies. Patmos, the Jerusalem of the Aegean. Nowhere is the landscape bare. Islands everywhere, pearl, born from the sun and the sea.The overflowing of the sunlight surprises.It touches playfully the small hibiscus.Flaming colours open their mouths. Cherry colored waterfalls of bougainvillea glowers fade out into the blue endlessness. They are interwoven with the all green rows of trees next to the all white columns and the silent dark-shaded mediaeval castles. Now the green follows the golden yellow of the bare summer landscape; it is dreaming of blue; it is dreaming of the beautiful girl.