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The island of the sea sponge harvesters

- This island of barren rock sparsely strewn with herb and thyme bushes and green valleys, enjoys an abundance of golden beaches. Its fame is owed to its celebrated sponge fishermen, who leave their island each spring for the north coast of Africa amid sombre ceremonies, to return five months later greeted by joyous celebrations. The island's capital is a newly built town which hugs the hillside. The houses are painted white and blue and from aΞ’ distance look like some child's drawing. An along the coast are inletsΞ’ and bays. Caves are also an interesting attraction, with their stalactites and healing waters. It's an ideal island for the amateur fisherman, with transparent seas favouring underwriter fishing. From Kalymnos it is an easy jaunt to the nearby tiny islands of Telendos and Pserirnos, idyllic spots for fishing and swimming.

Places to moor

Limin Kalymnos - Offers good shelter form the meltemi. If there are strong southerly winds the harbor can become uncomfortable. There is both fuel and water on the quay. There is also good provisioning and a number of tavernas.

Vathi a fjord which is extremely attractive with its lemon and orange groves. There is a mole you can anchor on to. The fjord offers good shelter from meltemi There are tavernas, water and some supplies available.

Ormiskos Vorio or Emobrios A small bay with a T-pier which is usually occupied by the fishing boats, you can anchor off in the bay. There is a small taverna and offers fair shelter from the meltemi.

Vlikathia small bay with beautiful summer villas. There is a taverna ashore and offers good shelter from the meltemi.: