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Karpathos the Venetian Scarpanto

Karpathos , the Venetian Scarpanto, is one of the largest islands. Its highest mountain is Mt. Kalilimni at 1,188 m (3,900 ft). The island, with an area of 324.800 km2, is divided by this mountain in to two almost separate parts the South with most of the fertile land and inhabitants and the much wilder and isolated North. It is in the North and especially in the village of Olympos that, because of the isolation and now for, I suspect, tourist reasons, some of the folkloric customs and costumes are preserved. The Angry West Shore of Karpathos Because Karpathos is isolated, it has very few anchorages, and the surrounding Karpathian Sea is notorious for its bad weather, Karpathos is very seldom visited by yachts. However, precisely for these reasons, Karpathos is one of the least spoiled islands in the Aegean and worthy of exploration. Read more here