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The ideal place for a holiday

We created the below interactive map , in our effort to provide the most possible sailing information . By clicking in a marker on the map get a short description of each place , a short you tube video (if available) and link leading to a with detailed information . When you are in Greece and during your sailing you can access the map from your mobile or tablet by typing . The map focus automatically in your sailing area , so you can check the most interest places close to your position . The map is open for editing and you can suggest any interest place you find during your sailing in Greece .

Love bareboat holidays in the Ionian Islands (Modern Greek Ionia nisia; Ancient Greek, Katharevousa: Ionioi Nisoi;Italian: Isole Ionie) are a group of islands in Greece. They are traditionally called the?? Heptanese, i.e. "the Seven Islands" (Greek: Italian: Eptaneso), but the group includes many smaller islands as well as the seven principal ones. The seven are, from north to south: Kerkyra usually known as Corfu in English and Corfu in Italian Paxialso known as Paxos in English Lefkada also known as Lefkas in English Ithakiusually known as Ithaca in English Kefalonia often known as Kefalonia, Cephalonia and Kefallinia in English Zakynthossometimes known as Zante in English and Italian Kythira usually known as Cythera in English and sometimes known as Cerigo in English and Italian The six northern islands are off the west coast of Greece, in the Ionian Sea. The seventh island, Kythira, is off the southern tip of the Peloponnese, the southern part of the Greek mainland. Kythira is not part of the region of the Ionian Islands, as it is included in the region of Attica.