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Ithaca the return to the haven

Ithaca or Ithake or Ithaka has an area of about 95 km2, is 29 km long and 6.5 km wide. It is separated from Kefalonia, its near neighbour on the W side, by a two mile wide channel, the Steno Ithakis. One of the smaller Ionian islands of Greece, it has about 2500 inhabitants, the majority of them living in the island's capital and main ferry port, Vathi.

Apart from its historic connections (many experts identify it with the Ithaca of Odysseus of Homeric fame), Ithaca is undeniably a beautiful island and many cruisers favorite among the Ionian islands. See History of Ithaca for further details.

Consisting of two separate landmasses joined by a narrow isthmus, there are three harbours suitable for yachts, Vathi, which lies at the head of a large gulf in the centre of the islands E coast, and the smaller harbours of Kioni and Frikes on the NE coast. All offer shelter from the prevailing NW winds - although Vathi can be uncomfortable if on the main quay - but the latter two harbours are very uncomfortable and potentially even dangerous in strong SE or E winds. In addition, there are a number of anchorages around the island that are usable in appropriate weather conditions. More information on the best source when you charter a sailboat in Ionian islands.