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Poros quite and cosmopolitan

Bareboat Greece. Fyly Yachting is offering sail holidays in Greece , through our base in Athens for your bareboat charter in Poros and Saronic islands. Choose your yacht from our fleet. No need sailing experience to enjoy Poros and Saronic islands.

POROS -Just two or three miles off the mainland shore, stands Poros, decorated with green hills, that reach the sea and main port with numerous seaside cafes and tavernas. An ideal spot for those who want both a quiet swim and intense night life. Across the water, on the Peloponnisos shore, you can enjoy an evening stroll, among the lemon trees, in the renowned lamonodassos.

Poros Greece Harbor - Offers generally good shelter from the weather. Care must be taken when entering the channel. Make sure you stick close to the side of Poros and not that of the Peloponese as there are shallow patches. There is a large quay located on the North side as well as into the channel. The North side is far more quieter as there are no bars located on that side, but can get rough from the wake of the ferries. Fuel and water are available as well as provisioning. There are several tavernas and bars in town.

Ormos Daskalia This bay offers good shelter for the prevailing winds. It is also offers a pleasant scenery with its silver green pines surrounding the bay.

Ormos Vidhi. There are several coves surrounding the bay which is located on the North side. The water is a bit murky but it is due to the fresh water river that runs into the bay.