Skopelos: luxuriant vegetation with a Hollywood flair

Charter your sailing boat from our base in Skiathos and sailto Skopelos

Sailing holidays Sporades . Book a yacht from our base in Skaithos and sail to Skopelos  is a very green mountainous island with an area of 96 km2 and about 5,500 inhabitants. It highest peak is Delphi at 366 m (1200  ft.). There are many natural springs and about a fifth of the island is  cultivated with olive groves, plum trees, almond, and orange trees. Its  capital Skopelos or Chora, is also its main harbor and it is located on  the NE of the island. More than half of the island's inhabitants live  there.
Approach and Navigation
In general, during the summer months the meltemi is weaker in the Sporades region. Approaches to the island are straight forward, no dangers.
Specific dangers are mentioned, as needed, for each port or anchorage.
Skopelos, the main harbor of the island is a large and noisy harbor.  With a meltemi (NE) it can develop an uncomfortable swell, although the  harbour remains tenable. Moor stern-to towards the root of the long  breakwater (the first places are permanent local boats) or better  further towards the curve. Hydrofoils berth the other side of the harbour and the occasional ferry  on the end of the breakwater (yellow paint indicates the ferry part of  the pier). The bottom in the harbour is mud and provides excellent  holding. Water and electricity on the quay. Be generous on using fenders: The big ferrie provides a nice rough  waters for a while.
The town behind the waterfront is rather attractive, although the waterfront itself is knee-deep in tourist cafes and tavernas.
Warning: With strong NE winds (meltemi) the sea builds up and it may be dangerous to enter or leave the harbor.



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Sporades sailing holidays

Sporades sailing holidays

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