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High Jinks

Luxury crewed catamaran sailing holidays in Greece







                       Price From - To

   57 ft / 17.3 m

        Fountain Pajot




                   EURO 18.000 - EURO 23,000



57 ft / 17.3 m


29 ft 10 in / 8.8 m


5 ft 7 in / 1.4 m

Year Built



Fountain Pajot


Sleeping Guests




Cruising Speed

9 kts / 16.7 km/h






2x Volvo Penta 75hp

VAT Registered


US Duty Paid


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Deck shower - Fishing gear - lightIce maker - Swim platform - Water maker
 Indoor audio systemi  - Pod dock - MP3 music server - Outdoor audio system - Satellite TVT - V all cabins - TV saloon - Wi-Fi
Kayaks multiplePaddle - boardTube - towable - Wakeboard - Water skis - adult - Water skis - child
RIB tender 13ft / 4.00m - 50hp engine
Diving by arrangement - Snorkelling gear r

Captain: Captain: Miltos Skouras (63)
Captain Miltos, born in 1955, has an extraordinary background. He has been on the sea all his life and yet he also holds a diploma in Architecture and he owned an advertising company for 8 years, working between Greece and Italy. He got his first skipper license 30 years ago and he even owned a couple of boats, sailing through the North Mediterranean, Aegean and Ionian seas gaining an excellent knowledge of every harbour, marina, small secluded bays and can tell you about every place worth seeing. He has also taken part in several sailing competitions with a lot of success throughout his career.
He has a very friendly character, always equipped with a smile and a kind attitude. Being very communicative he always make you feel very comfortably around him. Also being the father of two, he has a thoroughly gentle way with children, getting them to enjoy the journey for sure.
He speaks perfectly English, Greek, French and Italian.

Chef: Eugenia Iskou (48)
Chef Eugenia, born in 1970, is an amazing cook, who will make your trip unforgettable. Being educated in International and Greek Cuisine, based on seasonal and local products, she will create for you the most delicious meals and culinary delicacies. She owns her Skipper license since 2007 and has taken part, as a solid member of the crew, with various distinctions in various sailing competitions.
Having obtained an additional diploma in Archaeology and History of Arts (she has worked as an Archaeologist for 10 years for the Ministry of Culture) she is always willing to give an insight in ancient history of each place you visit. She speaks fluently English.
She has an extremely kind charisma and a lovely personality and makes everyone around her smile. Eugenia especially loves to make children on board feel comfortable and always has a fascinating story from the Greek Mythology to tell them.

Steward: Ierotheos Moustakas
Ierotheos is an outstanding sailor and steward, always smiling and cheerful. He is highly attentive and caring with everyone and has a great sense of humour. He is very helpful and at all times will strive to make your time on board the Yacht as pleasant as possible.

He is very experienced being involved with the sea-life all his life, owning, besides his skipper license and a speed boat license, also a professional diving license.

His hobbies are obviously free diving and underwater fishing. He also holds a Marble Sculpture degree and can therefore tell you everything about the various temples and statues you are going to encounter.

Fresh Juice
Whole or light milk
Cereals of your choice
Greek yogurt
Fruit salad or compote
Greek spoon desserts
Nuts or raisins
Thyme honey
Choice Between: Boiled Eggs| Poached| Fried| Scrambled| Omelet
English Bread or Greek rustic bread or croissant
Cake or local sweets
Selection of local cheeses with tomatoes, cucumber and olives
Selection of bacon, ham, boiled sausages and roasted mushrooms
Filter coffee or espresso

Bruschetta with fresh tomato, Feta cheese, basil and olive oil
Steamed mussels with white wine and fresh dill
Trilogy of roasted eggplant and fresh garden herbs
Fried gruyere with cherry tomatoes, ouzo and fresh basil
Vegetables with balsamic sauce .
Greek Salad with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, Feta cheese, capers and peppers
Ruckola with spinach, roasted Manouri cheese, walnuts, raisins and honey sauce
Salad bouquet with smoked salmon, avocado and orange
Salad bouquet with smoked salmon, tomatoes, cucumber, mustard and spearmint
Salad of boiled vegetables
Couscous salad
Skioufikta (traditional Greek pasta) or hilopitaki (Greek style noodles) with Feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, ruckola and white wine
Risotto with chicken, ricotta cheese and mushroom sauce
Spaghetti with ruckola leaves, parmesan and sundried tomatoes
Octopus with fava beans, caramelized onions and olive oil
Grilled shrimps with lentils, cooked in seafood broth
Chicken breast fillet with mushed eggplant puree and olive oil
or with Roasted Haloumi cheese and small salad
Calf tagliata with ruckola and gruyere
Lamp ragout with zucchinis
Italian sandwich with patatas bravas

Greek pie with wild greens
Fava beans puree with onions, sprinkled with olive oil
Small zucchini pancakes with Feta cheese and spearmint
Fried shrimps with tomato sauce and ouzo
Variety of mushrooms with Mizithra cheese and sweet mustard sauce
Nicoise salad with tuna from Alonissos
Ruckola with apple, celery, louza (Greek Salami), gruyere from Naxos and yogurt sauce
Mista with anthotyro cheese, seasonal fruits and spearmint
Cretan Salad with rusk, tomato, cucumber and feta cheese
Matsata with shrimps, mussels and seashell sauce
Seafood risotto with Greek Saffron
Beef Giouvetsi baked in stoneware with trimmed Mizithra cheese
Grilled calamari with sauteed greens and oil vinaigrette sauce
Fish fillet (of the day) wrapped in dough with asparagus and sauce Hollandaise
Beef fillet with dauphinoise potatoes and red wine sauce
Lamp cooked in the casserole with mashed potato, olive oil and garden herbs. 
Burger with beef and coleslaw sauce
Chicken breast fillet grilled with baked tomatoes, tzatziki (Greek dip) and small pita breads
or Souvlaki of pork with caramelized onions with Greek pita

September 2017
Dear loving crew – Oh captain, my captain; Los Ondas/ pamino / Nondas and PhoebeWe had a great time cruising around the Cyclades and discovering the Greek preciosities. The most beautiful blue waters we’ve ever seen!The hospitality, goodwill and amazing flavors you provided us with made our experience so special. Thank you for making Highjinks our home for the past week and for making our holiday so fun and unforgettable – a trip to be forever in our minds and hearts.
Love, Luiza, Duca, Pedro, Silvia

September 2017
Thank you so much to all of you – Pantelis, Phoebe, and Nontas. We had an unforgettable week full of adventure and exploration for the kids. We loved all the little gems of bays and beaches and caves, each place so different from the next. The food was an amazing experience at every meal. Phoebe, you are truly talented and I think Adele appreciated more than everyone. She hasn’t stopped telling me all week that I need to take cooking classes to be more like you! Nontas, thank you for always keeping an eye out on Mikel Kai, our terrible two-year-old, and being a fun joy to be all week. We really loved it!
Thank you, crew!
Maria, Adele, Mikel and Agnes

August 2017
Thank you, thank you, dear Pantelis, Phoebe, and Nontas for our Greek Island Odyssey. We could not have enjoyed our selves more and the week passed all too quickly. Pantelis you were perfect skipper – so very competent and caring, Phoebe your cooking was sublime and Nontas you were so great on board and helping with watersports and being generally charming!All in all ***** Five stars
Huge thanks, Tessa and Bryan Pascoe U.K.
P.S. Three cheers for “HIGHJINKS”

July 2017
Pandelis, Phoebe, Nonda, Thanks so much, we have the best vacation sailing at Greece. Feeve, your cooking is delicious we love all that you prepare. Nonda thanks you for be too much with us.Pantelis the best captain that we have had. We never forget. Highjinks. We hope to see you again.
Wishing the best for all of you, you are invited to Chile.
Pablo Jesus, Feupe Emilie

July 2017
Part 2
This is our last night of an extraordinary week as lucky recipients of your gracious care. A quick survey of our group reveals that sometimes you only have to wait 20 years to experience and store a lifetime-long wonderful memory and sometimes one must wait much longer. Either way, we all now have warm, happy memories to call upon forever. When I return home, people will ask me how was the vacation – and although I try to do it justice, in the end, I will be speechless and fulfilled all at once. And so – the greatest gift of all is revealed. Wishing each of you peace and love in life.
Until next year,
Annie Andrews and crew Davenport.

July 2017
Part 1
This is Walter Stuart Davenport reporting from a “Greek Vacation”. It has been 3 days of this cruise and moral is running low. Food is running out leaving the rest of us to group up and started to become cannibals and I am ashamed to say that I have now not tasted human flesh. It reminds me a bit of boiled fish, or overcooked spaghetti (is that how you spell it?)We can see land all around us but we are all too lazy to leave the boat to get actual food. I hope to survive this trip and see my future “people that care about me”. Although the chances of that are unlikely considering that most find me obnoxious and ugly. I think it all started when I was a kid and I disappointed my father so much that we had a heart attack out of pure shame. After that, no one seemed to start calling him Fredrick. I tried calling him Fred one time and he told me that we weren’t on a nickname basis. After we changed his last name so that he could claim to not be related to me. I had to start calling him count Von Zeravich. It’s a cool name. Wow, you are a good listener, we should get coffee sometime and do this again, except I am on a horror boat. Oh no, I am being eaten.
Ahhhhhh Mr. Davenport

May 2017
Dear Pantelis (the gentleman captain), Phoebe (chef-extraordinaire Supergirl), Nontas (Bovat Mr. Happy), What an amazing bunch of people you are…So attentive, so thoughtful and pleasant to be around all day and night long!As first-time cruisers, you made us feel so welcome, we felt very relaxed from day 1. Thank you so much for the most fun family holiday ever!!
Filakia and love from “the Panagops”
Ken, Phylia, Tanee, Dim

May 2017
Pandelis, Feevi, Nonda!Thanks so much for a blissful week on this fantastic boat. We had the best #honeymoon one and enjoyed your stories Pandelis & jokes!!Feevi, your cooking is exquisite! Each day I looked forward to what delight you prepared for us.The mushroom couscous ceviche and octopus were my personal favs! Nonda, thanks for looking after us and keeping everything spik and span – I hope that you can celebrate your next (big!!) birthday with people you do know!We had an amazing introduction to Greece, the language, and culture!
Thank yours!Big love
xxxNadia & Tom

September 2016

Dear Pantelis, Phoebe, and Nikos
It was a wonderful experience on this amazing boat! Thak you so much for the perfect sailing, delicious food and excellent service and hospitality! We will treasure the memories of this past week for the rest of our life!
Love from all of us
Reinier, Anna, Mike, and Therese

August 2016
Lovely crew!
It was a wonderful week thanks to you. We have seen beautiful landscapes and visited nice little cities.
Phoebe, thanks for your marvelous cooking, we would like to take you to Switzerland. Niko, thanks for being so friendly, available and attentive. Captain, you are an amazing guide, you have chosen wonderful places.
We love HighJinKs!!
Alessandro, Laura, Chiara, Charlotte, Alexia,Deborah, Henri

August 2016
Merci pour ce meiveilleux Sejour, Merci FiBipour ta cuisine! On a pris quelques kilos mais c’est pas grave. On s’enremettra. Merci Pandelis et Nicos pour votre Acceuil et Votre Professionalism,Vous nous avez fait d’ecuavrir votre Pays de mamere admirable, malgre lesconditions difficiles par moment.
Thierry – Fabienne & Emma – Patrice

August 2016
It was our first experience on a sailing boat, but it was surely a wonderful week, great sea, beautiful islands and perfect crew.
Thank you very much for everything.
Ricardo, Eva, Emanual, Guido, Gianni, Olympia,Gianetto, Lintia, Nikos

July 2016
Dear Niko
Thank you so much for looking after us so well.You have been an amazing host and made the last week such an amazing time.
Love Andy, Lex, Morgan, Viv + John
Dear Phoebe,
Thank you so much for being such an incredible chef, the food was incredible and so “yummy” (and healthy). Thanks for running around after us degenerates too! See you soon!
Love Andy, Lex, Morgan, Viv + John

July 2016
I had a great holiday! The breakfast was amazing and the staff is so friendly and I had a great time on all the different islands. My favorite island was Santorini. We nearly bought all the stuff in the shop, so we have a lot of souvenirs.
We all had a simply marvelous time. The crew was excellent. We would say beyond doubt, that this has been a holiday to remember.
Ethel, thank you so much for looking after us so well.For taking us to magical islands and we will never forget Phoebe’s wonderful, colorful, fabulous food creations.
Ef-car-ees-to!!! (ευχαριστώ!)

Clare and Ronan
Thank you so much for the brilliant holiday.Thanks for all of the hugs for Doirean and Naoise! Have a great summer!
Lots of love + kisses
Joy + Eoghan

July 2016
We had a great time! The challenge to organize three boats together, finding marvelous places and always a smooth navigation was completely well done! Kind people always available to help. A week that certainly will remain forever in our minds and hearts.
All the best

July 2016
What can I say, where can I begin? The crew, the boat, the food, the islands? Best holiday ever!!!! We just don’t want to leave you!!
Thank you for making our family holiday so special.
Love you all
Sotor, Irini, Nicole, Sotor Jr, Paul

August 2015
Thank you Pantelis, Maria, Antonis have had such an amazing week on High Jinks. The relaxed yet efficient way everything was done has made our holiday one to remember, the sailing, the food, the watersports etc etc....everything have been superb from start to finish. Many thanks for everything - the hospitality has been exceptional.
With love & best wishes to you all,
Colin, Rachel, Alison, Anna, Shara, Thomas Johnston

July 2015
Thank you for the beautiful time on Highjinks! Exceptional crew, we have been looked after as well. Lovely food Maria and thank you for the waterskiing Antonis! Pantelis, you have been a great captain getting us to all the beautiful bays. Highjinks is a beautiful boat I enjoyed every minute!
Thank you for all!

July 2015
We have really enjoyed our few days with you on High Jinks and thank you all for taking care of us so well when the weather was stormy. Thank you Pantelis for keeping us away from the worst; thank you, Maria, for your wonderful cooking; and thank you Antonis for helping Mike with his water skiing.
A trip we shall remember with pleasure!
Gerry Klonaides & family

June 2015
Oh! What a wonderful vacation we have had! A perfect boat (Highjinks is very special) and location(Greece - oh spectacular!) to celebrate three graduations and our 30th anniversary. How lucky are we? Thank you, Pantelis, Maria & Antonis for attending to our every need. We could not have asked for more. The locations we visited were wonderful, a nice variety and balance. Thank you, Pantelis for ordering such a good weather and for your seasoned captaining. Maria, the meals were spectacular. Our family lives from meal to meal and you never disappointed with your tasty local dishes & thoughtful wine choices. You kept us full and happy. Antonis, thank you too for caring for us; always with your large and endearing smile. We loved that you got the entire family waterskiing - thank you. A special thank you to all of you for taking Lizzy under your wings. You are all a special crew and we feel lucky to have had you and experienced your wonderful country.
Thank you! With love,
The Pandles (Boston, Mass. the U.S.A.)


October 2017
This is the first sailing experience for us, and now we plana sailing trip every year.! We hope we can return for another trip with this same crew & boat, it will be hard to find any better.! Thank you for everything.! The food was Excellent.!!!
Pat & Bill Schmiebil

September 2017
We have had an amazing holiday and have been looked after so well by Plamen, Raian, and Evan. You took us to some tranquil bays and we spent a wonderful time lazing around and also on your toys on the water. A lot offun….
Many, many thanks…
The Nisbets

August 2017
Thank you so much for a wonderful trip! I loved the beautiful views, the dolphins, the historic towns and your chocolate mousse.You all are the best.!
Thanks for an amazing week.! It was incredible being able to go into little villages by boat that we might not have seen otherwise. We will never forget that windy storm.
Thank you for such a wonderful week on the Carpe Diem.! We had the best time and I know that this is a trip we will never forget. Thank you so much for everything...!
Thank you so much for an incredible trip.! It was such an unforgettable experience, from the dolphins to the storm. Thank you for everything you did to make it so wonderful.
This has been an incredibly memorable trip for our family, and we thank the cheerful and professional crew of Carpe Diem for a wonderful experience - from the 5-star staterooms and healthy, from meals to the village tours, water sports, long sails, and sailing with dolphins. Thank you and bon voyage.!
The Ewalds

May 2017
Thank you for the best trip ever.!
RAIA thank you for the Greek yogurt, captain we will teach English and you will teach us Bulgarian, Chef we are coming back for your sushi 😊
The Chraivis Family

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