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Athens Yacht Charter Guide

Alimos Marina
11 yachts
31 catamarans
Skippered Bareboat

General history/mythology

Since the city’s name is directly derived from the ancient goddess, Athena – Zeus’s capable daughter – Greece’s capital city is obviously an ancient site-lover’s heaven. From the ancient city streets surrounding the Acropolis with its crown edifice, the Parthenon, in the center; to the magnificent temple of Poseidon at the southern tip of Sounion; or, the more modern cultural experiences such as the Stavros Niarchos Cultural Center in Faliro, you’ll never have a dull moment.

Base Information

Base manager
Vaggelis Tsourapas - Tel (+30) 6945284652

Emergency contact
Miltos Goutos - Tel. (+30) 6944437410
Katerina Goutou - Tel. (+30) 6944592399

VHF base canal
Not applicable

Base address
Athens - FYLY YACHTING MAIN OFFICES Our yachts are located in marina Kalamaki. The meeting point is at our offices in the marina. How can you reach our offices: As you enter the Alimos marina in the "STOP" sign you turn right and after approximately 100 m we are in your right hand.

Business hours
Head Office hours: Mon - Friday 08:30 - 18:00
Base hours: weekdays: 08:30 - 17:00
Saturdays: 08:30 - 20:00

Embarkation time
17:00 HRS

Disembarkation time
09:00 HRS

Place of embarkation
Athens - FYLY YACHTING MAIN OFFICES Our yachts are located in marina Kalamaki. The meeting point is at our offices in the marina. How can you reach our offices: As you enter the Alimos marina in the "STOP" sign you turn right and after approximately 100 m we are in your right hand.

How to get at the base
Distance from Airport: 35km
Cost of taxi 40-45 EURO
Public bus. Express lines direct from Eleftherios Venizelos airport to Alimos marina (Edem Mare Station). Line X96 - AIRPORT ATHENS - PEIRAIAS.

General Infrastructure of the base
When the clients arrive (08:00 - 08:00) Saturdays they will arrive at our offices, we store the luggage if they want they can go either to the supermarket (Carrefour deli) - the super delivers free of charge. At 17:00 when the yacht is ready we will transfer luggage directly to the yacht for the client to begin check in. If clients arrive early they can either take a stroll in Athens and see the Acropolis or go for a swim at the beach across the street.

SKLAVENITIS opposite the marina(free delivery to yacht. )Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 09:00 am to 20:00 p.m., Saturday 09:00 am to 18:00 p.m. Sunday closed.
Clients can also pre-order their provisions by completing a provisioning list that we can provide to them.

Transfer facilities
Taxi prebooked up to 4 pax 
Airport - Marina EURO 45
Marina - Airport - EURO 40

Private Bus
up to 12 pax 
Airport - Marina EURO 100
up to 17 pax
Airport - Marina EURO 100


Other Information

Port authorities
Our base manager will arrange everything with Port Authorities. The only thing we require from the skipper of the charter is to have with him his original sailing license and to send me two weeks prior his charter a copy of his sailing license.

Weather forecast
You should always try to get a weather forecast before heading out from land, especially if going more than several miles from shore, as it is difficult to tell at a glance what winds will appear, due to large land masses, mountains and other geographical features. You can use your radio, Navtex or contact the Port Police who receive weather faxes several times a day for the area.
VHF frequencies
A forecast in Greek and English is given for all Greek waters at 0600, 1000, 1600, 2200 GMT. Add two hours for local time. Gale warnings are given at the beginning of the broadcast and a special security warning on Ch 16 gives all the VHF frequencies for different areas.
General shore stations are as follows:

* Corfu (Kerkira) Ch 02
* Cephalonia Ch 27
* Petalidhi (Kalamata) Ch 83
* Kithera Ch 85
* Perama (Pireaus) Ch 86
* Saronic Ch 25
* Salamis Ch 23
* Siros Ch 04
* Parnis (Khalki) Ch 25
* Pilio (Volos) Ch 60
* Sfendarni (Thessaloniki) Ch 23
* Thasos Ch 85
* Limnos Ch 82
* Lesvos Ch 01
* Khios Ch 85
* Rodhos (Rhodes) Ch 63
* Knossos (Kriti - Crete) Ch 83
* Sitia (Kriti - Crete) Ch 85

Sailing license

The law in Greece is that the captain must possess a valid sailing license the co-skipper, if no sailing license is available must fill out a declaration stating they have the knowledge to sail. (Please see attached declaration). VHF license is not required to charter a yacht in Greece


Local - navigation taxes
VAT in Greece is at 24%. There are no local navigation taxes.

Language spoken

Iatriko Hospital (Private) - located 1,5 kms from the marina
Areos 18, P.Faliro
Tel: 210 9846800

Time difference
GMT + 2

Marina Alimos - Alimos Marina is located South West of Athens 15 Km from the city center, 8 Km South of Piraeus port and 30 km from El. Venizelos International Airport. It is served by a dense transportation network of Trams, Buses and Taxis, with stations 500 meters from the Marina



Hotels near Marina Alimos, Kalamaki

Hotel Poseidon

Tropical Hotel

Coral Hotel

Galaxy Hotel

Restaurants near marina

Address: 10, Leof. Posidonos, Alimos 174 55

Al Dente
Address: Thoukididou 53

Summer Office
Athens Yacht Charter Base
Charter Type
Luxury yacht with professional crew (2 or more) and full amenities including water toys.
A bareboat yacht including a professional skipper and a hostess.
With the proper certification, you can sail the yacht yourself- no crew or water toys included.
Sailing area
Mykonos, Santorini, Paros, Naxos and more
Rhodes, Patmos, Kos, Symi and more
Corfu, Kefalonia, Lefkas, Zakynthos and more
Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonnisos, Skyros and more
Hydra, Salamis, Aegina, Spetses and more
Yacht Type
One of the major advantages of a catamaran is their inherent stability.
Powerboats have low clearance and they give significantly better speed and range.
A Monohull will tack quickly, is much more manoeuvrable and is faster to respond to the helm.

Available yachts in Athens Yacht Charter Base

Dufour 470_charter from Athens_Fyly Yachting
sailing yacht

Dufour 470

Lagoon 46 , bareboat catamaran greece

Lagoon 46