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Corfu Yacht Charter Guide - Ionian islands

Corfu yacht charter base Gouvia Marina
1 yachts
6 catamarans
Skippered Bareboat


Corfu Yacht Charter Base Managers


  • Vasilis Vrakotas: +306936647465
  • Viktor Vrakotas: +306936647468
  • Katerina Goutou: +306944592399
  • Miltos Goutos: +306944437410


VHF radio channel

not applicable


Corfu Yacht Charter Base address

Our base is located in:

Marina Gouvia, 49083, Corfu

FYLY Berth places A121-130

Meeting point has been settled in our office which is located in front of pier No A26


Corfu Yacht Charter Base working hours

08:00 - 20:00


Place of embarkation

Marina Gouvia Pier No.26-34


How to get to the base

  • By Airport: Corfu has an international airport called "Ioannis Kapodistrias" and is located 6 km away from our base at Marina Gouvia.
  • By Ferry: There is also a daily ferry connection from Italy.
  • By Taxi: You can find easily taxis at Corfu airport and at the port.
  • Transfers: FYLY Yachting could arrange a transfer for you by mini bus or by taxi (upon request).


Check out our custom map for more information regarding our charter base in Corfu:

Corfu general history & mythology

Corfu (called Kerkyra in Greek) is a large island in the Ionian sea that has played a significant role throughout Greece’s history. Of course, it has mythological ties – Poseidon fell in love with the beautiful nymph, Korkyra, brought her to this stunning island and subsequently named it after her. It was also the location of the largest (at the time) naval battle between Greek city states during the Peloponnesian wars (in 431 B.C.), as well as later repulsing the Ottoman empire several times. In 2007, the old quarters of the city were added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Corfu Charter Guide & more Information

Corfu Port authorities

Located in Marina Gouvia


Corfu Weather forecast

  • TELEPHONE: Via the phone line of the Athens Marine Meteorological Centre of the Hellenic National Meteorological Service, one can obtain a forecast directly from the forecaster on duty for the sea area that one is interested in, on a 24-hour basis, by dialing +302109699171. General weather forecasts are obtained from a pre-recorded message of the National Telecommunications Organisation of Greece (OTE), by dialing 14944.
  • RADIO: Regular Weather and Sea Bulletins for Shipping issued by the Hellenic National Meteorological Service are broadcast by the 1st Programme of the Hellenic Radio (ERA 1) in Greek, as are special forecasts and warnings, whenever issued. The frequencies and times of broadcast are mentioned below: HELLENIC RADIO (NATIONAL NETWORK) (ERA 1)/DAILY/(AM) 7.29 KHz, (FM) 105.8 KHz, (FM) 91.6 KHz/06:05 Weather forecasts are also broadcasted by other state, private and municipal radio stations all over the country, on the FM band, after news bulletins.
  • TELEVISION: The Hellenic National Meteorological Service forecasts are announced on TV by professional Hellenic National Meteorological Service meteorologists, as well as by TV presenters. Greek public and private channels broadcast the weather forecast for the coming day at the end of the news bulletin. In addition, some channels broadcast a special forecast for the entire week.


General shore stations are as follows:

  • Corfu Ch 02
  • Cephalonia Ch 27
  • Petalidhi (Kalamata) Ch 83
  • Kithera Ch 85
  • Perama (Pireaus) Ch 86
  • Saronic Ch 25
  • Salamis Ch 23
  • Siros Ch 04
  • Parnis (Khalki) Ch 25
  • Pilio (Volos) Ch 60
  • Sfendarni (Thessaloniki) Ch 23
  • Thasos Ch 85
  • Limnos Ch 82
  • Lesvos Ch 01
  • Khios Ch 85
  • Rodhos (Rhodes) Ch 63
  • Knossos (Crete) Ch 83
  • Sitia (Crete) Ch 85


Sailing licence

According to Greek law, two members of the crew must be experienced. The skipper must hold a valid sailing qualification. The co-skipper can submit an official declaration that they have the knowledge to navigate a sailing yacht. Read more about the skipper license. Here are also some more charter tips.





Local - navigation taxes

not applicable


Language spoken

English, Greek



Hospital (Corfu Town) 26610 458117 / 30033 / 30562 Polyclinic 26610 36044 / 22946


Time difference





Hotels & Restaurants in Corfu

There is a variety of restaurants, bars and coffeeshops on and around Marina Gouvia. You will also find a kindergarten.

In case you need hotel accommodation, we suggest a couple of hotels which are located near Marina Gouvia.


Debono Hotel

Location: Gouvia village, Corfu Island

Tel: +302661090220

Fax: +302661090009

Kontokali bay Hotel

Location: Kontokali bay, Corfu Island

Tel: +302661099000

Fax: +302661091901

7 days sailing itinerary Corfu to Corfu in the Ionian Sea

  1. Paxi - 33 NM
  2. Ithaki - 56 NM
  3. Cephalonia - 18 NM
  4. Preveza - 44 NM
  5. Parga - 27 NM
  6. Corfu - 35 NM

14 days sailing itinerary Corfu to Corfu in the Ionian Sea

  1. Paxi - 33 NM
  2. Cephalonia - 54 NM
  3. Zakinthos - 37 NM
  4. Katakolo - 24 NM
  5. Ithaki - 45 NM
  6. Petalas - 20 NM
  7. Kalamos - 16 NM
  8. Lefkas - 21 NM
  9. Preveza - 18 NM
  10. Antipaxos - 28 NM
  11. Parga - 12 NM
  12. Igoumenitsa - 22 NM
  13. Corfu - 21 NM

Ionian Sea Itineraries & Moorings


God made Paxi in a man’s measure -you can easily sail around the island's perimeter as it is only 10 kilometers long and four kilometers wide. Silver-green olive groves reach down to the foot of the cliffs on the southwestern coast and sandy beaches surround the capital. Antipaxi is an easy sail, and the beaches at Voutourni or Vrikei invite you to swim. A number of small islands are located near Gaios the capital, with fortresses (Agios Nikolaos), monasteries and phantasmagoria sea caves (Grotto of Ipapantis).

Paxi Moorings:

  • Gaios - There is a large quay which stretches from one side of the town to the other. The port can be fairly noisy if you are tied close to the cafes. It offers good shelter and a picturesque port. There is water available at the quay and fuel is available. Most provisioning can be found in town.
  • Lakka - Anchor in the bay where on convenient. It offers good shelter from the wind and a nice place for a swim. There is a small quay but it is used for the day-tripper boats. You can get water at the quay sometimes. Provisioning is available as well as several tavernas and bars.
  • Longos - This small harbor is located on the E coast of Paxos. You must moor in the bay as the quay is reserved for the local boats. You can find several tavernas and bars ashore.
  • Mongonisi - This bay offers the best shelter in Paxos. There is a small quat to moor onto. The bottom offers good holding. There are several tavernas and bars.



A small barren island with magnificent caves and a beautiful place to swim. There are 2 bays on the NE side of the island which are suitable for anchoring in calm weather. It is not recommended to anchor overnight due to strong swells as the bays are very exposed.



The beautiful, mythical country of Odysseus. Stop for a swim and a tasty meal at the local tavern at the southernmost tip of Andri. Keep sailing north-west until you reach the majestic bay of Molos, where Vathi, lthaki's main harbor is located. Kioni and Frikes are worth a visit too, as well as Stavros from where Odysseus is said to have sailed for Troy.

Ithaki Moorings:

  • Frikes - A small harbor which some caution must be taken when entering especially the rocks which are above and below around the islets under Ag. Nikolaos. If there is a strong wind anchorage is not recommended.
  • Kioni - An attractive bay with whitewashed houses. There are no dangers in entering the bay. There are no water or fuel facilities but you can find provisions as well as tavernas.
  • Porto Vathi - The main port of Ithaca. Even though most of the buildings are recent (due to the earthquake in 1953) the harbor offers a pleasant atmosphere. Fuel and water are available as well as provisioning. The harbor itself is fairly protected and if there are strong gusts they usually die down by the evening.



The largest island in the Ionian is Cephalonia. It is a rugged and mountainous island. In ancient time it was part of the kingdom of Odysseus and evidence at archaeological sites mentioned by Homer have been found. The ruins of most interest are those at Krani

Cephalonia Moorings:

  • Argostoli - Until 1953 Argostoli was very much like Fiscardo, due to the earthquake the town was rebuilt. Some remains show what the capital was like. You can get water and fuel on the quay, provisions are in an abundance. You can tie on the quay but might opt for the cove on the east side near the entrance but this is recommended only in calm weather.
  • Lixouri - Across the gulf from Argostoli is Lixouri. The prevailing NW winds can make anchoring uncomfortable. Fuel and water can be obtained.
  • Fiscardo - The northeast village of the island and the only one that survived during the 1953 earthquakes. Fiskardo is considered as one of the most traditional villages in Europe due to its architecture and all the traditions that it carries. Cosmopolitan surroundings, luxurious shops, beautiful bars and food for all tastes and ages is what Fiskardo has to offer its visitors. The beachside restaurants, tavernas and bars which you will find situated side by side, are decorated with beautifully glowing lit candies which give you the color of festivity at its best. Walk along the beautiful pathways of the village and witness the Ionian beauty at its best. Take a swim in the ever enchanting beaches of Emblisi, Foki and port Andrea. Join the hustle and bustle of Fiscardo, a picturesque bay where you can find the best food in the famous "Captain's Bar" that serves the best food in the area.



This is a fairly commercial port, but the archeological site of Nikopolis which is located 3 miles north are well worth the visit. Nikopolis was built by Octavian to commemorate the battle he won over Marc Anthony and Cleopatra in the battle of Actium. You may tie on the W quay. There is water, fuel available on the quay. There is also good shopping for provisioning. There are also several tavernas and cafes located on the waterfront.



Parga is located on the coast and is very impressive the way the town is constructed on steep slopes. The water is of a turquoise blue color. The village and the bay are very welcoming. During the Venetian occupation, they considered Parga the “eyes and ears of Corfu”. Take a walk to the castle which the infamous Ali Pasha once tried to capture.

Parga Moorings:

  • Parga main harbor - The small harbor of Ormos Valtouis where most of the yachts tend to tie. Care must be taken if you tie on the mole to leave a distance of 1-2 meters as there are underwater rocks. Water can sometimes be attained. For provisioning go into Parga town.
  • Ormos Ayiou Ioannou - Approximately three miles from Parga is the bay of Agiou Ioannou which provides good shelter from NW winds. You should anchor in the NW corner of the bay.



A lush green island with an incredible history and all of this history can be seen in the architecture of the island. In 1200 BC Corfu is surmised in Homer’s Skheria and was the home of the Phaeacians. They were the ones that ferried Odysseus home to Ithaca. In 229 BC Corfu was colonized by Rome, 722 AD the Byzantine Empire, then the Venetian colonized Corfu, then in 1797 the French take over and then in 1814 the British. In 1864 Corfu ceded to Greece.

Corfu Moorings:

  • Kassiopi - Good shelter if you find a spot behind the mole. The harbor can be very uncomfortable and dangerous when there are NW winds. Care must be taken as close to the quay from the mole around the bay has depths of less than one meter. Fuel, water and provisioning can be obtained.
  • Paliokastritsa - The approach is difficult both day and night. When entering the harbor you must stay close to the head of the mole to avoid the rocks near the entrance. The harbor provides good shelter, especially to N winds. South winds cause a swell. Fuel, water and provisioning can be found in the town
  • Benitses - A nice bay for a swim but is exposed to the weather. It is located 5 miles South of Corfu town. You must anchor in the bay as the harbor is allocated for the fishing and day cruiser boats.
  • Petriti - Located 7 miles SE of Benitses is the small fishing bay of Petriti. There is a mole with a depth ranging from 1,5 – 2,5 meters. The bottom is uneven so take care. There some good taverns to eat but fuel & water are not available and limited provisioning. The area provides good shelter from NW winds. This is a nice place for a swim.



Taverns along the water front echo madoline serenades as strolling musicians and waiters alike break into song along the our of midnight when summer days call and stars gleam romantically overhead.

Zakinthos Moorings:

  • Ag. Nikolaos - The bay is located on the northern tip of Zakinthos. It does get pretty busy due to the caiques which run hourly to the Caves. If there is a swell in the area of the caves and do not want to miss seeing (well worth seeing) moor in Ag. Nikolaos and take one of the caiques.
  • Port Zakinthos - A large busy harbor but does offer a good spot to leave the yacht and fill up on supplies. Fuel and water are available at the quay, and all provisioning can be found. Explore the islands natural beauties.
  • Porto Roma - Located on the SE tip of the island and offers good shelter from N-NW winds. Take a stroll on the beach with its beautiful wind sand before eating at one of the small tavernas.
  • Langana - A large bay, there is a small mole located but due to local fishing boats you probably will not find to tie. Drop anchor in the bay away from the disco.



A beautiful town with silver-green pines running down to the sea. An untouched area of the Ionian the small village with its old windmills make for a serene setting. The villagers are mainly fishermen.

Kalamos Moorings:

  • Porto Kalamo – There is a small quay but check the depth as in some areas it is insufficient. The harbor offers good shelter except SE winds. There is no fuel or water available but provisioning can be purchased from the mini market.
  • Port Leone – Is located to the south of the island. This is a well-sheltered anchor except to the East. You will need to drop a 10-20 meter anchor as the waters a fairly deep. You will see a few houses which have been abandoned since the 1953 earthquake.
  • Episkopi – On north side of Kalamos there is a small harbor which is very attractive for a swim. Note that only a few yachts can anchor as there is not enough room to maneuver. There is a small mole but the depths range from 1,5 to 2 meters so care must be taken.



The precipitous cliff of Lefkada (The White Cape) juts dramatically into the sea, pointing towards distant Cephalonia. On the site of the lighthouse once stood a temple to Apollo. At which the notorious Lefkadian Leap - 236 feet straight down to the tumultuous sea below - proved the innocence of the survivor or the guilt of less sturdy divers, The Leap also attracted its fair share of disconsolate lovers, The great lesbian poetess Sappho supposedly flung herself into the sea here in despair for her love for Pheion. The practical Romans perfected the leap by using wings to break the fall. The capital reflects the island's history, of Venetian influence in its dignified churches and houses. The 13th-century fortress of Santa Maura tops sandy beaches where windmills and trees seem to rise straight from the open sea.

Lefkas Moorings:

  • Lefkas Town - The harbor offers good shelter as well as facilities. Care must be taken when entering and leaving the harbor not to cut across the corner of the canal east of the town when arriving or leaving from South. The depths are only ½ a meter.
  • Nidri – It can get a bit crowded as it is a yacht charter center where several flotillas start from. It is a quaint town which offers good shelter. You can provision your yacht with fuel, water, food, and any repairs. There are several tavernas to choose from.
  • Tranquil Bay – This bay is located opposite of Nidri town, The bay provides good shelter and an impressive beauty with its olive and cypress trees surrounding the bay. It offers tranquility as name states.
  • Ormos Vlikho – There is a small quay and the bay itself offers good shelter. The prevailing winds here are northerly. Some provisions are available in town and there are several tavernas.
Corfu yacht charter destination
Corfu Yacht Charter Base
Charter Type
Luxury yacht with professional crew (2 or more) and full amenities including water toys.
A bareboat yacht including a professional skipper and a hostess.
With the proper certification, you can sail the yacht yourself- no crew or water toys included.
Sailing area
Mykonos, Santorini, Paros, Naxos and more
Rhodes, Patmos, Kos, Symi and more
Corfu, Kefalonia, Lefkas, Zakynthos and more
Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonnisos, Skyros and more
Hydra, Salamis, Aegina, Spetses and more
Yacht Type
One of the major advantages of a catamaran is their inherent stability.
Powerboats have low clearance and they give significantly better speed and range.
A Monohull will tack quickly, is much more manoeuvrable and is faster to respond to the helm.

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