COVID-19: Pre-Flight PCR Tests to Return Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our lives in ways we never expected. As we slowly return to some normalcy, we are excited that Greece will be welcoming international travellers beginning May 14 or sooner. At FYLY Yachting, we are looking forward to welcoming you onboard for the 2021 season… we can’t wait to see you!

Before you travel to Greece we recommend you check the current COVID-19 government regulations for Greece and also for your home country.

Most countries, including Greece, require some paperwork (e.g. a passenger locator form) and a negative RT-PCR-Test 72 hours prior to departure.

In the case that travel restrictions are imposed, we have a COVID-19 cancelation policy for both our Crewed Yachts and our Bareboat Yachts. We take Covid-19 seriously and have implemented coronavirus precautions for your safety onboard our yachts.

Returning home from Greece

Your return journey to your home country will likely require a documentation and a negative RT-PCR-Test. To facilitate this process and allow you more time to relax on your holiday in Greece, FYLY Yachting can arrange Covid testing for you. Let us know when you need the test- which depends on your travel date and time- we will take care of the rest.

We have a working agreement with the local medical centre, Biotypos, to conduct coronavirus tests for FYLY Yachting guests with molecular detection method RT-PCR.

The below prices cover the cost of the test and the analysis; these prices can vary depending on the time of the test, required turnaround time, number of people, and exact testing location.

If you would like FYLY Yachting to arrange your Covid test, please let us know at least one week prior to the required test time. We will need your name and surname, address, date of birth, email, passport number, and the time when the test should be taken (depending on your flight time).

Testing Day/Time (local time) : Results Day/Time (local time) : Price

Friday 17:00 for Results at Saturday 14:00:

€ 100 per test (for groups of up to 5 people)
€ 55 per test (for groups of more than 5 people)

Friday 17:00 for Results at Saturday 06:30:

€ 100 per test (for groups of 2-5 people)
€ 100 per test (for groups of more than 5 people)

Monday-Friday before 12:00 (noon) for Results at Next Day 11:00:

€ 70 per test (for groups of 2-5 people)
€ 55 per test (for groups of more than 5 people)