COVID-19: Safety on Board

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented situation and has caused many insecurities and concerns about public health and travelling safely. FYLY Yachting is taking this situation very seriously and has introduced safety measures to welcome you on board our yachts this summer.

The precautions we take are meant to keep our guests, crew members, partners, and the local community safe and provide opportunities for a well-deserved holiday in the Greek islands. With our COVID-19 safety protocols, you will feel comfortable and safe in your discovery of Greece and the gorgeous Greek islands. Beautiful places such as Milos, Mykonos, Lavrio, and Corfu.

For the 2021 summer, we have updated our COVID-19 cancelation policy and we can arrange pre-flight-PCR-tests for your return home that many countries currently require.


FYLY's COVID-19 protection kit for bareboat charters

Each yacht is thoroughly cleaned before each charter; the yacht is then disinfected and certified prior to your embarkation.

Our onboard protection kit includes:

  • Medical masks
  • Disposable gloves
  • Hand hygiene supplies
  • Disinfectant spray
  • Touch-free infrared thermometer
  • Oximeter

Upon arrival, all yacht passengers are asked to complete a questionnaire which will help health authorities to facilitate contact tracing if a confirmed case is detected after disembarkation or after the voyage has ended.

The skipper of the yacht is advised to take his own temperature and oxygen levels and then that of each crew member daily and record it in the health book.

Crew changes are not allowed after the departure from the base and no visitors are allowed onboard during the trip.

You will receive your fresh bed linen and towels in a sealed bag.


Chartering Crewed Yachts Safely During Covid Times

As our crewed FYLY yachts prepare for a great summer season, we are implementing our COVID-19 safety measures to ensure you have a safe holiday. With a private yacht charter, you have already taken initial safety steps as you can avoid large crowds and groups while chartering. You and your group have the ability to have your own ‘COVID-19 Bubble’ and enjoy a great getaway without the stress.

At FYLY Yachting we have always prided ourselves in offering exceptionally clean yachts. With COVID-19, we have implemented a certified disinfection of each yacht after the thorough cleaning in between every charter. Along with disinfecting the yacht, the linen is also certified disinfected by professional cleaners between each charter.

Onboard, you will find areas stocked with masks, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant. The bathrooms are all well-stocked with personal hand soap. There are touch-free (non-contact infrared) thermometers, oximeters, and full COVID-19 protective safety suits on each yacht.

During the charters, the captain will take the temperature and oxygen levels, both morning and night, of all guests and crew members. These results are noted and kept on file for several months as per the Greek Government mandate.

The health and safety of our guests and crews is very important to us. Through the 2021 season, FYLY crews will be tested for COVID-19 in between every charter.

There is a COVID-19 outbreak management plan in place in the event a guest or crew member is suspected of having COVID-19.

Covid-19 Outbreak Management Plan:

If it is determined that there is a suspected case of COVID-19 onboard, the outbreak management plan will be activated.

The person would need to be immediately isolated in a cabin with the door closed.

We would then proceed to do onboard rapid Covid tests of all guests and crew members.

Infection control measures would be applied in accordance with WHO guidance.

The disembarkation and transfer of the person with a suspected case to an onshore healthcare facility for further assessment and laboratory testing would be arranged as soon as possible in cooperation with the health authorities at the port. 

In accordance with the IHR (2005), should there be a confirmed case of COVID-19, the master of the ship would immediately inform the port health authority.

Ship owners must facilitate the use of health measures and provide all relevant public health information requested by the health authority at the port.

Ship operators shall provide to the port health authorities all essential information to conduct contact tracing when a confirmed case of COVID-19 disease has been identified on board.


FYLY Yachting is committed to providing safe chartering experiences and we look forward to welcoming you to Greece for your holiday this summer!