Comprehensive Charter Guide on board your crewed catamaran in Greece

Yachting in Greece

What better way to see the Aegean than by boat?  Every year thousands of people visit Greece one of the best summer holiday destination in the Mediterranean. Beyond the ancient sites, beautiful beaches, delicious food and the sea, Greece is also the perfect place for a sailing vacation, with an extensive coastline and countless islands, bays, and little coves to explore.

We lay down the most important tips for your crewed yacht charter in Greece so you are prepared for a memorable luxury yachting experience. In case you prefer sailing a yacht by yourself check our detailed bareboat charter tips.

crewed yacht charter tips in greece

What is the best time to sail in Greece?

Greek summers can be quite hot! So bring light clothes, a sweater for the evenings, comfortable shoes, and maybe a wind jacket for sailing. Please use sunscreen frequently and avoid staying in the sun for too long… So be smart and put on a hat!

Time Zone

In Greece, the standard time is Eastern European Time (EET; UTC+02:00). Daylight saving time, which moves one hour ahead to UTC+03:00 is observed from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October.

Plan ahead your sailing activities, berth bookings, restaurant reservations and more.

Greenwich Mean Time or GMT: +3



General information

Stores are open Monday – Saturday from 09:00 – 18:00 hrs.

Banks are open 08:00 – 14:00 Monday - Friday.

You can find ATM machines in every island.

Currency: EURO

Country phone code: +30

What to bring when sailing in Greece?

• Light clothing - shorts, swimsuits, T-shirts – sunglasses – hat and long sleeve tops, as nights can get cool on the islands.

• Your medication– the yachts are equipped with first aid kits, but you should bring any prescription medicine from home.

• Luggage – luggage should be a soft duffel bag type and not suitcases as they take up too much room on the boat and might scratch the furniture while navigating through the yacht.

• Your music – all the yachts have Bluetooth connection

crewed yacht catamaran charter guide in greece

Provide your Charter Preferences

• Please provide all the requested information!!! (full names, passport numbers, birthdates and phone numbers)

• The more information we have from you, the better for the crew and the more satisfied you will be on board.

• In order to have your favorite drinks and cocktails on board, we need you to provide us with drink quantities and brands. (e.g. how many sprites? 6 cans? 12?)

• A shipping fee applies on your drink order for embarkation ports other than Athens (delivery fees vary depending on island)

• The water on the yachts is not drinkable. Therefore it is necessary that the crew adds drinking water to your drink list.

• After receiving your preference list, we will send you back a proforma invoice for the drink order so you can give your approval.

• You can also order your drinks online yourself.

• Please be specific regarding your transfers in the preference sheet (date, number of persons, from – to, contact number).

• At the airport, the driver will hold up a sign with the contact name provided.

• When the driver is about to collect you from your hotel, he will inform the reception.

How to plan your Yacht Charter Itinerary?

Planning an itinerary to a new country is subjective and depends on what you want to do and see.

• Please check the nautical guide to inform you about the different sailing areas. We can provide you lots of information for each sailing area, so you arrive in Greece prepared to get the most out of your sailing experience!

• The Meltemi is a strong, dry, North wind blowing mostly during the day and is especially strong during the months of July and August. It can reach up to 7till 9 Beaufort within a very short time. So for your comfort, we are suggesting you to choose areas that are protected from the Meltemi winds during these months.

• Once you arrive at the yacht, you will discuss your final itinerary with your captain. He will have the latest weather report and can suggest the best feasible itinerary under the current wind conditions in order to have a smooth, fun, relaxed and most importantly, safe sailing experience!

• Be Flexible. Your captain and crew are familiar with the local cruising grounds and weather patterns. Trust in their guidance when planning an itinerary and understand that plans may change.

• If weather conditions, limited time available or any other circumstances prevent sailing to a certain planned area, please listen to the captain’s suggestion. The captain and crew will do their best to provide you the best vacation possible —but ultimately, they are responsible for your safety and the safety of the boat. PORTS Please note that there are very few islands that have organized marinas. All islands however have small harbors where:

• There is no possibility of pre - booking a place to dock for the night. It can get quite busy during high season in the marinas so only if you arrive early in the afternoon, you will get a spot. Most harbors have bays near by to anchor for the night. The crew will bring you to the harbor to explore with the tender.

• We all love Santorini for the unique sunsets and beautiful sceneries, but unfortunately it is boat unfriendly. There are no harbors nor marinas to dock for the night. It is not possible even to stay on anchor since the waters around this volcanic island are too deep.

• Easier ways to visit Santorini are to take a ferry boat from Ios or Milos, which are only about 40 minutes or two hours away, respectively. Ios has many activities to offer including hiking, watching the amazing sunsets, visiting historical sights, and is a great way to experience the laid-back lifestyle of Greece. Milos as well, with its outstanding geographical form and peculiar morphology of spectacular caves, is one of the most beautiful and stunning islands in the Cyclades.

What is Advance Provisioning Allowance? (A.P.A.)

• This is an advance payment to pay for all your expenses occurring during your trip. It is estimated at 20% of the charter fee for sailing yachts or 30% for motor yachts due to higher fuel consumption.

• A.P.A. funds are used to pay your drinks, provisioning, any transfer services, mooring fees, fuel, etc.

• In case of a very expensive drink order, we will inform you, so you have the chance to top up your budget before hand or to reduce your drink order.

• During the charter, the captain will keep detailed account of all your expenses. You will be able to view the A.P.A. form online. We are happy to provide you the link, so you are informed about your daily expenses.

• At the end of the charter, the captain will present you all the accounts and receipts and advise about any remaining balance. Any remaining amount will be refunded to you in cash or via bank transfer after viewing and accepting the final A.P.A. statement with signatures from both you and the captain.

What to do when on board your crewed yacht?

We and your crew are here to make your vacation the most amazing and unforgettable experience for you. But, in order to make that happen, we need your help and cooperation as well.

• Usual embarkation/disembarkation times are at 12.00, noon time. If you arrive well before your designated embarkation time, don’t expect to board immediately—just stop by the yacht to let the crew know you’ve arrived and where you’ll be waiting in the meantime. Please give your crew the full 24 hours in between charters in order to prepare the yacht again and surprise you with a perfectly prepared yacht to fulfill all your expectations!

• Remove your street shoes when boarding. Our yachts have shoe baskets near the boarding area so street shoes can be deposited until it’s time to go ashore again.

• On the boat, you can go barefoot or wear clean, light-soled boat shoes that haven’t been used on the street.

• After you board, the crew will show you your cabins, help you stow your luggage, and explain the basics of the vessel’s facilities and how to use them. This will cover areas such as: toilets, water and showers, light switches, electrical outlets, etc.

• Before departure, the captain will give you a thorough safety briefing. Listen carefully and take this seriously. These rules are in place for your comfort and ultimately your safety, so please respect them!

• During your cruise, your captain and crew can assist you with island tours, island transfers, car/bike rentals, restaurant reservations etc. Please let them know your plans!

• After breakfast, it is great to discuss the plans of the day with your captain and crew, so everybody is on the same page regarding meals, sailing times, destinations etc. Communication is the key to a fantastic sailing experience!

• The day of your disembarkation, the yacht will return one hour prior to your transfer/disembarkation time to the marina in order to refuel and settle you’re A.P.A. accounts. If you wish to arrive earlier for sightseeing, please let your captain know!

How much should you tip crew on a yacht charter?

• Did you enjoy your time on board?

• Did the boat/crew fulfill your expectations?

• Did you enjoy the food?

• Were you happy with the service provided?

• Were the captain and crew always polite?

• Did you feel safe on board? If you were satisfied with your charter you can show your satisfaction by tipping the crew. Please note that gratuity varies between 5% to 15% but is entirely up to you.

What type of water toys can can you have on board your yacht charter vacation?

Our yachts are equipped with an array of toys but you might want some extras. If you would like to rent some extra water toys, we can arrange regarding your preferences. Here are some examples:

• Seabob F5 SR - The fastest Water Sled with camera

• Seabob F5S/Cam - Sport Lightweight Design

• Seabob F5S - Sport Lightweight Design

• Seabob F5 - Entry level water sled

• Paddleboard (SUP) - Titan Kura 10.6

• Water carpet

Prices are excluding VAT and Delivery / Re-delivery fees.

Refundable security deposit for seabobs: 1.500 Euro



• You’re on vacation! So simply relax, sit back and enjoy the ride. Slow down and leave daily routines and deadlines behind. Enjoy your delicious meal, the hors d’oeuvre and your cocktail as you chill out in your beautiful paradise spot!

• Please do not bring any drugs on board, including marijuana. Possession and use of marijuana is illegal in Greece and you may face prosecution under the Greek law.

• Respect your crew, they are working non – stop to fulfill all your wishes!