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Incredible forces of nature have formed the perfect backdrop for a relaxing vacation that’s unlike any other. The Cycladic island of Milos is the “original” holistic vacation destination.

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General history/mythology

We have a secret. It’s the island of Milos. What started as a volcanic explosion nearly 2 million years ago has evolved into a destination that is adored. The southwesternmost island of the Cyclades, perhaps it’s thanks to its location that Milos is largely unspoiled. Many famous, ancient statues have been found on the island – the Venus de Milo (now at the Louvre in Paris) and the Poseidon of Melos (now at the National Archeological Museum in Athens) are two – proving that for millennia the island has been a place of artistic inspiration.

Lay of the island

One of the best ways to see Milos is to travel around its circumference. And what better way to travel around an island’s circumference than by your private sailing yacht charter?! What makes Milos so extremely special are all the naturally occurring phenomena on its surface thanks to the island’s rich mineral base. This includes obsidian and sulfur, elements which harken back to Milos’ volcanic history.


70 beaches mean that no matter how many days you stay, you never have to spend the day at the same beach twice. Unless you want to. But we urge you to be adventurous; put the wind in your sails, so to speak. Or how about lowering yourself through a crevice in the cliff to the “secret” beach of Tsigrado on the island’s south… or sailing your yacht to its shores, instead? Now, there’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Unless you revisit Milos; which, you probably will.


Have you ever eaten fresh fish cooked in the sand? Well, at Paleochori on the island’s south coast you can, thanks to the geothermal springs. In general, the food is fresh, delicious and unpretentious on this island. Taverna proprietors and captains alike can whip you up a Mediterranean delight you won’t forget with whatever simple ingredients they have on hand.


If you’re looking for a hedonistic good time of partying the night away with loud music spun by a world-famous DJ… then maybe you’re looking for Mykonos. Milos offers more mature enjoyments. This is where you go if you want to really embrace your senses… not lose track of them.


Windsurfing, kitesurfing and kayaking are to be found along the beach of Adamantas. And if diving is your thing, then the caves and underwater hot springs throughout this island will offer hours of enjoyment.

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